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Guided Tour: Exploring Alhambra and Generalife

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Breathe the History and Art Nasrid

Do not miss the Alhambra, with our guided tour: exploring the Alhambra Alcazaba, Gardens and the Generalife. You will love the whole Monumental Complex, the Gardens of the Generalife, the Alcazaba, and the wonders of wonderful panoramic views in the Alcazaba together with an official guide.

You will enter such incredible places, where you breathe the history and art Nasrid. An essential visit in your stay in Granada. In addition, our tour includes the tickets and, optionally, pick up at your hotel. Everything prepared so that you only worry to enjoy the maximum of your visit to the Alhambra.

Discover its gardens, the Genralife summer palace, the grand palace of Charles V, the Wine Gate, the impressive military Alcazaba, the garden of the Generalife and the summer palace (tickets included) and its towers full of legends about gentlemen And princesses like the tower of the captive, Discover with us the most visited monument of Spain and symbol of the reconquest in this fascinating daily tour with expert guides.